Mission Statement

According to the original 1973 Mission Statement: "The Purpose shall be to foster the art of needle work, with special emphasis on work done with needle with an eye and related disciplines, with an eye to encourage high standards of design and technique and to bring together members who shall learn, share, teach and participate to the fullest extent in this endeavor."


One of the oldest continuing fiber art guilds in the state, NTGM was started in 1973 to enable those interested in all aspects of fiber art to learn from one another and from local and national experts. NTGM is unique in that educational programs and hands-on workshops cover a broad spectrum of fiber-related topics, from weaving to quilting to embroidery.

How We Work, Membership, and Dues

Membership is not required to attend open meetings, but it is recommended. Joining NTGM and paying the yearly dues entitle members to:

  • Attend morning sessions with stimulating social interaction, flea market and consignment items for sale, and the check out the latest in fiber art books and media.
  • Hear talented local, regional, and national fiber artists speak and present their work.
  • Attend hands-on workshops on a variety of fiber art topics from surface design to embroidery.
  • Attend special, members-only events such as Whistlestop mini-workshops, Seminar Day full-day workshops, and the annual luncheon and fashion show.
  • Participate in our Special Interest Groups, such as the Knit Wits. These informal groups meet in member's homes to allow participants to continue working on their own projects in a supportive social setting.
  • Our calendar year runs from September through June. Dues for the next membership year are collected in June and must be paid by the September meeting. Those joining the Guild later in the year will have their dues prorated. Names of people who have not paid by this date will not be printed in the member directory, nor will they receive any further newsletters.

Board of Directors & Standing Committees

Duties of Board members are described in the by-laws and Job Description pages. All NTGM members are welcome to attend Board meetings. Check the Newsletter or with a Board member for the location. Duties of Board members are described in the by-laws and Job Description pages.

2017 to 2018 Board and Committee Officers

  • President: Debra - dgash@bucksbaum-gash.com
  • Program Chairs: Terrie - tvoigt03@gmail.com or Arlene - loveaep@hotmail.com
  • Recording Secretary: Janice - sunmart4@comcast.net
  • Corresponding Secretary: Mary Ann - maryannsherry@yahoo.com
  • Treasurer: Joan - joankoelsch@gmail.com

Standing Committees

  • Directory: Carol - clg@wideopenwest.com
  • Flea Market: Sue - sbluetopaz@sbcglobal.net
  • Hospitality: Connie 248-399-7586
  • Independent Projects: Kathy - jshuller1@mindspring.com
  • Librarian: Debra - dgash@bucksbaum-gash.com or Audrey - arobinson@ameritech.net
  • Membership: Barbara - compusew@aol.com
  • Newsletter: Sharon - mcksews@gmail.com
  • Community Service : Audrey - arobinson@ameritech.net
  • Whistlestop: To be determined
  • Publicity: Julie - julieablair@comcast.net


By-Laws available upon request.