February 9, 2021

Lecture: "An Artist’s Journey – from There to Here"

Join us in welcoming quilter and surface artist Al Cote’ (imaginationtextile.com) from Niagara Falls, Ontario. Al is a full-time quilter and instructor whose innovative and creative classes during his twice yearly Fibre Retreats have inspired quilters across Canada and the US. His work has been shown at Houston’s Quilt Market and several other venues across the province. He teaches yearly at Halliburton School of Art & Design. His lecture/trunk show promises to be a lively and inspiring review of his work and work-in-progress!


NTGM member Mary Bajcz is a long-time student of Al Cote’. Join her after a lunch break as she shares some of the work she has created as a result of her classes and conversations with Al. He might even join in the conversation! All will be welcome to Zoom in!



MARCH 9-10, 2021

Lecture: "Creativity in Times of Covid"

Ana comes to us via Zoom from Calgary where she is a prolific quilt maker, stitcher and surface designer (anabuzzalino.com) or on Instagram at ana_buzzalino). She will be sharing her tips on how to stay creative and motivated in times of stress.

Workshop March 9: "Make Your Quilts Sings with Digital Imagery - Editing Photos in PowerPoint"

In this afternoon demo class, Ana will show us how to use this readily available (you might already have it!) program to edit photos and text, in preparation for printing onto fabric, paper, or transfer paper. Imagine the possibilities for quilts, garments, and other fiber projects

Workshop March 10: "Monoprinting without a Press"

In this 6-hour Zoom class on Wednesday, March 10, you will learn to use waterbased paint on Gelli plates or other surfaces, using techniques such as masking, multiple drop printing, and color mixing. You will play with textures and random materials to create several pieces that can serve as underpinnings or stand alone as separate works. Grab your apron!

Registration details will follow.


Nadine Cloutier

Spring 2021, date TBD

Workshop: "Natural Dyeing without Chemicals"

Build a journal of dye recipes with corresponding fabric samples of each dye and modifier used in the workshop. This will act as a guide and reference for your future projects.
Learn about local plants, trees, nuts, bark, and spices that offer substantive dye colors, chemical free mordants that modify and provide rich colors, and plants to grow and harvest for your own dye supply. Nadine will go through steps on how to extract and make the dyes from vegetables, fruit, teas and local flowers.
A booklet of dye recipes will be in each kit so the finished fabric samples of each dye, mordant and modifier used can be attached for future reference

Kit Fee - $50

Kit Includes:

  • A variety of three cellulose and three protein fabric pieces packaged into four individual kits. Each fabric sample piece will be large enough for dyeing and cutting into smaller samples for immersing into the modifiers. These will be glued into your journal for future reference.
  • A special handmade reference and dye journal will contain dye recipes, mordant recipes, and list of various plants to forage and grow.
  • Plant, fruit and vegetable materials, both fresh and dried.
  • Various modifiers with containers for dipping.
  • Pre-mordant material for additional sampling technique.
  • Use of roasters, pans, buckets, a drying rack and other tools.

Student Supply List

  • Needle, thread (any color), and scissors.
  • Fine point permanent marker (Sharpie).
  • Pen or pencil for notetaking.
  • Tacky glue to adhere samples to journal.
  • Plastic baggies or flat containers to take home any wet fabric.
  • Plastic table cover; gloves; apron; old towels or roll of paper towels.

Updated supply lists will be sent to participants prior to the workshop.


Lesley Riley

May 2022

Wet Cyan Printing & More

Lesley Riley, internationally known fiber artist, instructor, writer and Artist success coach will be visiting us for a unique lecture/workshop experience following this tumultuous year that is redefining so many as-pects of our lives and our work. With that in mind, she will share with us a new lecture about her Artist Work and ours in what is certain to be an enlightening and thought-provoking discussion of the creative life.

Workshop: "Wet Cyan Printing Plus!"

Join Lesley for a 2 1/2 day workshop exploring her unique wet cyan techniques on fabric and paper as well as a dive into her toolbox for ide-as to fill your own.

Class Kit - TBD;

some supplies may be purchased in bulk for participants; more info to follow

Class Maximum - 20

Workshop Fee -

approximately $200; $100 deposit will hold your place (guild cancellation policies are applied to deposit); balance and due date TBA

Instruction times: 12:30-3:30 Tuesday; 9:30-3:30 Wednesday and Thursday